I ended up with slate signs on my back

Looking sharp with signs strapped to me
I must have looked like a sight riding along at the weekend with slate signs strapped to my back. We had been on a long ride to a local garden centre and we often stop there for a rest and to have a coffee and grab a bite to eat before we go home and this weekend was almost no different.
I always take a backpack when we go out to carry some bits in but this weekend I forgot to take it and that was the start of a crazy strange looking mission for us. We had a walk around the centre this weekend and whilst we were there there was an engraving demonstration where a guy was hand engraving slate house signs as a showpiece. My girlfriend loved them and said we should get two for the house and was not best pleased when I told her I had forgotten my back pack and we had nothing to carry them home in.

she really wanted those slate signs

We grabbed our usual coffee and cake and sat down and she said she really wanted the signs and could I walk home if she went on ahead. I had a brainwave and said there was no need and that we could improvise. The signs had two holes in each to fix them to the wall and I suggested a bit of twine and they would strap to my back for the ride home.
Initially she just laughed and said I would have a nice stroll home but when she saw my elaborate back back of house signs she just broke down and took a picture for Facebook.

Those images with slate signs on my back

I have been ribbed mercilessly about that image and it got over a hundred comments and likes from the guys we ride with at cycle club. They all took the Michael about me starting a new biking trend and that they were going out this weekend for their latest cycling fashion statement. I even had the missus taking photos of me as she rode behind and she has posted me looking rather ridiculous as well. It has taught me a valuable lesson though and I won’t be forgetting me backpack when we go for a ride again. A simple moment of madness has led to my social media downfall and so I only have myself to blame!
On the positive the two new plaques we bought got fitted yesterday and they look fantastic so my shame and hard work have paid off. They only took half hour to fit and look really good. The company that engraved them did a great job and we may go back for some more to keep as Christmas presents for mum. We went for slate signs but they did also have different stone signs available too. http://www.stonesign.com

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